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My favorite countriy is Switzerland besides china, the peak is located in the middle of the Central European Alps, it is a beautiful place! There are several places to Switzerland must-see, for example: Lake Geneva, the Bernese Oberland, Lucerne, Chur, Shengmolizi, Switzerland Glacier, Liechtenstein …… parks, etc., Switzerland and some non-food-eating is not, for example: Zurich veal with disabilities beef hot pot, fondue, grilled sausages …… like the famous Swiss specialty chocolate, Swiss army knife, the Swiss watch …… and so on, Swiss chocolate is no longer just sweets, but an art. Swiss army knife, a march began carrying, multi-purpose knife. Although I have not been to Switzerland, but I know that Switzerland is a beautiful place, but also a leisure paradise, I hope to be able to play in Switzerland!

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Dear Li Ming,

I’m sorry to tell you that I can’t celebrate the Christmas with you and your families, because I have just recieve my parents request that I should take a plane on December 12th and fly back to Switzerland to spend the Christmas with them.

I really appreciate for your families warmly welcome and your help during my study in China. I am fond of the life here, especially the activities held by the cycling group from our institute. I hope that all of your family can come to Switzerland for vacations one day. If you come, please connect me with I will be very glad for your coming.

Best wishes!





I was born in the southern city, not seen the snow. I often hear my friends say that the snow capped mountains in Switzerland are the most beautiful in the world. So I really want to see it.





In the winter vacation I went to France, Switzerland and Italy, I am very happy.